When you are the maid of honor for a wedding, it is your responsibility to organize the bridal shower. You may find that you want to make this evening unique and instead of taking the usually bridal shower ideas, you can check out these fun ones to spoil the bride.

With most bridal showers, people tend to think of strippers and booze and also bridal shower pamper parties. Well, these are all fun ideas, and you can easily organize one of these in a hurry, but you should think about things a little more if you want to truly spoil the bride before her big day.

When you have to plan a bridal shower, a few ideas can include a mystery weekend. Yes, this can include massages and spa treatments, but you can also include going on fun outings and seeing interesting sites. You might want to plan a trip to a quiet destination and you can even go overseas if you have the money.

Another great idea for a bridal shower is to go on an evening cruise. This will be a wonderful way to have a great evening and see some amazing sites. You can plan a boat trip like a sunset cruise at most places and these will normally include Champagne and snacks. When you return you can all go to a nearby restaurant for the rest of the shower, or to a club if you like.

Now, remember that there will be some older members at the bridal shower, so another fun idea is to get a class organized for everyone to join in with. You can get a pole dancing instructor for one, which will really get everyone into the swing of things.

You can also plan to go to a dancing class with everyone. This is also great for teaching the bride some cool new moves ready for the wedding day and to take the floor with her new husband.

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