Tattoos are permanent and hard to get rid off, and you should think twice before you decide to get one. Failing to do so can make you an unfortunate soul with regrets for your whole lifetime. Here are 16 pictures of stupid tattoo ideas that will remind you not to rush to get one. If not, it will at least make you wise in choosing what and where to get it.

  1. Your Favorite Snack is a stupid tattoo idea

    It’s Stupid, Childish and definitely regrettable. Don’t do it ever; its terrible idea, seriously!

Your Favorite Snack is a stupid tattoo idea

  1. Your favorite emoji characters again stupid tattoo idea

    These kind of Stupid tattoos ideas might look tempting and cool when you are young and stupid but you won’t feel the same when you get mature and life becomes series.

tattoos of emoji in a persons feet

  1. A freaking goat in your stomach with his but aligned to your bellybutton.

tattoo of a goat in a stomach

  1. Facial tattoos are yet another stupid tattoo ideas.

    Facial tattoos are painful to get them or get rid of them. You cant never hide them either. Don’t dare to get a facial tattoos it will ruin your life unless you are independent, and you will never need a job. Its a terrible tattoo idea.

  1. Portrait of Your favorite athlete

    Some people love to get portraits of their loved ones or their favorite artists, musicians, athletes etc. This is a terrible idea to begin with since you might love one athlete today but you might hate it when they disappoint you. But, if you decide to get one, please do yourself a favor and do it at a professional tattoo studio.

  1. Misspellings

    Read twice before you decide to write something permanent in your skin. Misspellings are common type of stupid tattoo ideas that come with regrets. Worst yet is inking cool characters of languages that you don’t understand. It could mean contrary to what you think it says.

  1. Surprise!… Onion on your armpit

    Seriously, what was she thinking? Its one of the stupid tattoo ideas.

  1. Quote that pops in your mind right after orgasm

  1. This guy never saw Facebook coming!!

  1. Things that you been fantasizing of when you are single and alone.

  1. Accessories you wish you had

  1. Chase game on your face

    We have already mentioned facial tattoos are stupid tattoo ideas but covering the whole face is worst.

  1. Repeating the obvious

  1. Telling people that your stupidity

    People don’t need you to tell them that you are stupid, They already know before you realize it.

  1. Tattoos that can offend others beliefs, religion etc.

  1. Your Favorite or last night’s sex position