In many Asian countries, there are a lot of Supernatural events existed among local people. These stories were spread in generations. I would like to share some classic stories with you. Maybe you can treat it as a kind of entertainment, just for fun.

1 Doctor’s regulations on exorcising evil spirits
When a doctor met some evil spirits, they always tidy their uniform, and make himself looks professional strong and active. So the ghost will leave there soon. They also put a pair of medical scissors in the pocket, in case to scare the ghost.

2 corpse story

When someone died in hospital, medical worker will pack body, on that time, they can never call someone else’s name. Because a person died, his limbs and facial features such as identity function will stop directly, but auditory ability is the latest one to stop. In case the dead person has some wishes haven’t be finished, so that they might have heard the name of the person, their spirit may contact the person to help them finish their dream. In order to protect them from the harassment of spirit, so they always talk less work more!

3 evil spirits on the last bus
Every body knows that the last bus is always very strange and odd. They think it is the bus for evil spirits. So the driver also whistled in the morning before they drive the bus out, the whistle is asking the ghost to get off the bus.

4 mirror
In old China, mirror is an ominous creature. Some free ghost will hide inside the mirror. If you broke a mirror, you may be unlucky for three years. So the barbershop always put a towel on the mirror when they close the shop in the afternoon, so the ghost can’t get through the mirror.

Every occupation may meet some evil things, how can we reduce our scare? Here are some useful instruments to avoid the evil disturbing. First one, laser pointer, evil things are always afraid of light, especially some strong light. Second, red things, you may put on some red color cloth when you feel scared. Especially on the evening party, you may put on some red celebrity dress to avoid the evil things. Last, prepare your phone well, when you feel scared you can call your friend for help!

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